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Versatile Techno is an pioneer Web design and development, Mobile app development & Game development company. At Versatile Techno, we have a right combination of Web, Mobile & Game development experts who can assist you in providing the best IT solutions. With resource strength of 60 developers and hi-tech IT infrastructure, Versatile Techno is a preferable offshore destination for hiring developers or for working on project basis.


Tips for Hiring a Mobile App Developer


The advent of smartphones has completely changed the way business companies nowadays choose to stay in touch with their customers, promote their companies and carry out business transactions. Every business firm who is looking to beat the competition and create a strong impression among its target consumers makes use of a mobile app. So if you have not yet invested in a mobile app, you should do so immediately as it can open great opportunities for you to reach out to a previously untapped market.

Once you have decided that you will improve your market prospects by having an app for your business, you should hire mobile application development company that can provide you with custom app development services. Here are some of the tips that you should consider while hiring a mobile app developer.

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Importance of Redesigning a Website


Have you ever noticed that certain business firms keep on changing the look of their web design frequently? Do you ever wonder why do they choose to do that? There are a number of good reasons as to why one should keep their web designs changing from time to time. Whether you choose to go for a complete new design or simply implement some makeover in the look of your web pages, it always helps the search engine crawlers to find your web pages with ease. Moreover, if the design of your web pages is out of date according to the current standards, then that would definitely fail to leave the desired mark on the minds of your visitors. You should also remember that search engines always like websites with cool and trendy designs instead of sites having redundant and old looks.

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How Much Does it Cost to Develop a Mobile Application?

Mobile Application Development Cost

For any business firm to achieve success in today’s competitive market, it is of utmost importance to come up with an efficiently designed app. However, app development is a truly comprehensive task that requires a lot of effort and you should not imagine that it can be achieved without spending a good part of your revenue in it. Like anything else, how good your app turns out to be depends on how much you are ready to spend for it. So read on to find out more about the various steps of mobile application development and how they contribute to influence the final costs of the app itself.

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